Tecnocolor produces mainly coatings for follow materials:

  • ABS

  • PF

  • CA

  • PMMA

  • EVA

  • CAB

  • PP

  • CAP

  • PS

  • CP

  • PSU

  • E/VAC

  • PUR

  • TPU

  • MBS

  • PVC

  • MF

  • SAN

  • MPF

  • S/B

  • PA

  • UF

  • PBT

  • metals

  • PC

  • glass

  • PE

  • carbon fiber

  • PET

  • ceramic

  • TPX

Thermoplastic materials

The features and use of plastics play an important role in the choice of the painting system. 

The basic problem we had to face in our R & A laboratory was the loss of adhesion between the plastic and the paint layer. 

The factors affecting this undesired behaviour are listed below:

  - Nonpolar groups on the plastic surfacen (for example PP and PP - EPDM, bumpers) 

  - Variations in the plastic preparation mixture especially when it is regenerated 

  - Plastic aging 

  - Moisture absorption (for example PA) 

  - Plastifier migration (for example PVC) 

  - Difficult removal of molding residues (for example detacher) 

The factors affecting this undesired behaviour can cause paint defects such as: 

  - Porosity 

  - Imperfections due to local surface tension variations 

  - Crystallization of the plastic surface layer. The internal solvent of the paint can migrate in the plastic and cause defects 

  - Sensitivity to plastic temperature 

Thanks to 20 years of experience on the market and on-going research in our laboratory we have reached thorough knowledge in this branch and are in a position to satisfy any requirement you might have. 

Thermohardening materials 

These are produced with PF, UF, MF, PRFV e PUR and for their specific composition they have a high thermal stability so that they are used in the production of articles resistant to high temperatures (irons, pan handles etc.). 


Metal paints go those applied by dip, cup or airless and electrostatic gun and those with rotating head and can be dried by air or by oven or catalyzed. 

The appearance can be bright, semi-bright, semi-dull, dull with rough, hammered, metallized, velvet and soft touch effects.

Tecnocolor produces a full line of protective transparencies for light alloy, brass, nickel, silver and galvanized bases in solvent, water soluble and UV versions. 

Our firm also supplies primer coats, rust-proofing and diluents for all processes. 

Special surfaces (glass, ceramic, etc.) 

Special bases are considered separately as they are not part of the plastic and metal bases and therefore are treated as alternative paints. 

In these particular bases we include: 

  - Glass 

  - Ceramic 

  - Carbon fiber 

We produce a particular type of paint for each type of base according to requirements.