Since its foundation, Tecnocolor operates in accordance with a well-balanced expansion strategy. From the original founders, Tecnocolor has grown to become an important reality in the paint sector. 

Thanks to the choice of its founders, confirmed by his heirs, to follow objectives of quality, Tecnocolor has reached an important position among paint manufacturers. 

Today, Tecnocolor is present throughout Italy with a well-distributed network of agents and resellers and internationally (above all Europe, USA and China).

Tecnocolor is a modern Company with an original system of self-production based on semi-finished products. This kind of organization enables production of enamels and paints which can be used in numerous industrial applications. In this way, the structure can rapidly manufacture tested industrial products which can also be used in more sophisticated sectors.

For Tecnocolor there is only one way of moving towards the future: continual investment in research to manufacture less harmful products. For this reason, the group has developed water-based products. This development will enable production based on maximum protection of the environment. 

The results obtained further reinforce the existing range for the industrial user, already comprising more solid product lines, water-based products, lead-free products, etc.

Research & Development

Research, Product Qualitative Control and Technical Assistance to our customers are in the hands of highly trained and experienced professionals who perform their tasks utilizing very modern instrumentation and chemical laboratories.

Research is subdivided into different sectors inside which our experts, researchers and analysts autonomously operate in strict cooperation among each other in the fields of: row materials research, colourings, resins, quality control of both row materials or end products for practical checking determining the fitting of the products for the different uses testing their components efficiency and compounds effectiveness.

It is from such an effort that springs the reliability of the whole Tecnocolor production.

The Customerís needs definition, the projecting and setup of the products with which those needs are satisfied always keeping into consideration the ecological and environmental requirements evolution are the results of the tight cooperation of the technical and marketing departments.

For 50 years Tecnocolor has developed and boosted the self-production of polymers necessary for its own use allowing the personalization of the production following each Customerís needs and the constant presence of an always innovative source of technological solutions.


Relevant importance is attributed to the Quality System regarding Research, Production, Technical Assistance, Environmental Safety at the workplace.

In order to achieve the outstanding production standard that the market recognises us, Tecnocolor takes the following into particular consideration:

 - Company Evolution
 - Technological Development
 - Environmental and Safety Legislation Conformity

We fully satisfy our customersí needs and requirements by attributing the following aspects special attention:

 - Technologies personalization for each customer
 - Outstanding levels of service supply connected to reasonable pricing and short supply timing
 - Customer Focused Assistance

Out productsí quality is granted by the use of top quality row materials that undergo specific and severe controls inside our laboratories. 


Fundamental characteristic of our Quality System is the total respect for the environment.

As per the indications of law ISO 14000, our main objectives are:

 - Implementation of Air Quality Improvement Systems
 - Waste Abatement
 - Water Waste Improvement and Abatement
 - Work Environment Improvement
 - Replacement of harmful row materials with less damaging products
 - Decrease of internal and external noise

Tecnocolor owns products manufactured with the most advanced and modern technologies in order to respond to the need of reducing emissions in the atmosphere and to improve all work environmental conditions.


Tecnocolor offers a wide range of products that can to fully satisfy our customersí needs.

Our customers can count on a highly experienced technical assistance and on the continuous technological update of the purchased products.

Our customers can appreciate coatings that are produced meeting their own specific requirements and needs. 

Our products are utilized by companies that are leaders in their specific market fields both in Italy and abroad. This proves the extremely high quality of our offer that is in a position to satisfy the most exigent production requirements.

Next to the Production Facility there are Development and Research Laboratories and the Administrative/Commercial offices. 

From this location we offer our products and services that encounter in the best of ways the needs of your projects directly or with the help of our representatives operating nationwide or abroad.

If you wish to understand what is the commercial solution that perfectly suits your needs for what concerns both applications and geographical location, please, go ahead and contact us! 


Besides a vast range of excellent and guaranteed products, Tecnocolor makes of the Customers own experience and all the technical knowledges available, to individualize the better and specific solution together for every particular demand. 

Contact us for a technical consultation, we will be pleased of to collaborate and to set on purpose for You in our laboratory of search the special product more suited for your purpose. 

To your service and advantageous conditions absolutely, all our competence and the reliability of a Firm that from 1945 works with the same seriousness and passion.


Tecnocolor has launched its business activities building on the exceptional heritage of the previous experience during the world war II, a past characterized by great success in distributing their products, highly appreciated all over Italy.

Further reinforcement of its position on the European market in the coatings for plastic materials is the starting point of the new industrial facility, projected towards new distribution horizons that can be reached through constant upgrading of the quality of production and of the services provided.

Tecnocolor is used of a commercial net (agents, retailers, etc.) in continuous expansion all over the world. 

Quotas of sale: 60 % italian market - 40 % foreign market.