Base and top coatings for Cubic and Dip Print (solvent or water base)

The market counts numerous decorative techniques utilizing ink transfer:

 - Hot Ink Transfer on a flat plate (Glass);
 - Sublimation Tridimentional Ink Transfer;
 - Tridimentional Decoration System of materials.

For all above mentioned processes Tecnocolor produces base coatings suitable to these utilized technologies.

Base coatings grant ink adherence to the material while the protection ones grant chemical-physical resistances of the protected product.

Hot Ink Transfer on a glass flat plate

This process is similar to the one used in typography, it is, in fact, a roll application process during which the design gets hot transferred with the use of particular inks.

Sublimation Tridimentional Ink Transfer 

This type of technique utilizing the sublimation of the pigment consists in printing the design on a flat support that is later hot transferred on the desired object to be decorated. This object needs to be properly pre-treated so to make it perfectly receptive.

The transfer of the design happens under heat and pressure effect; the pigment gets transformed into vapour at temperatures higher than 180 C and so it penetrates into the treated surface.

All objects flat or tridimentional bearing temperatures between 160 and 210 C can be decorated.

The strengths of Tridimentional Sublimation Printing are high quality and reliability of the product without needing lithographic plates, silk-screen processes or else.

Decoration line is basically composed by two units:

 - digital printing system with sublimation inks; 
 - heat transfer system studied on the base of typology of objects to be treated and job volumes.

Tridimentional Decoration System of Materials 

With the invention of a Tridimentional Decoration System, a real revolution in typography has been carried out.

These systems allow to decorate tridimentional objects and their many complex particulars. 

This is the only technology that offers a high quality decoration for a wide range of products made of plastic, wood, ceramics, metal, composite materials, etc. 

This technology utilizes a specific film with a series of complex decorative models: the film floats on the water surface and the transfer is obtained thanks to the pressure of water.

Tecnocolor is at your full disposal with its professionals for demonstrations, researches and samplings.