E-coat: cataphoresis

Electroplating cathodic applicable coatings are still not widely considered in the small industry while inside larger entities they are much utilized and very well known. 

In the past 10 years Tecnocolor has produced this particular type of coating, supplying both the national and international markets. 

The principles guiding the setup of this new technology inside our R&D laboratories have been: the decreasing of VOC as per what regards the work environment, the reduction of the necessity of waste industrial treatment, the increase of penetrating power so to improve the protection of the interested thinned parts, esthetical improvement, thickness uniformity and labour costs reduction. 

Tecnocolor offers special clearcoats, cathodic primers re-coatable with powder and bright or semi-bright coloured enamels that can be applied on aluminium, brass, silver or presenting Nickel-plated effects, etc.

The cathodic products offer performances equal to those supplied with double-coat applications. The obtained film presents optimal corrosion resistance and can be recoated with both traditional solvent based products, hydro-soluble coatings or powder products.

The “Tecnofor” 89000 products can applied on Iron and Zinc phosphates (chrome-plating is preferable in case of lighter alloys).

Latest innovation in this field is the setup in our R&D laboratories regarding the study of single coat high-penetration bright enamels cataphoretic coats.

Tecnocolor offers the transparent, black or golden cathodic products. 

Our cathodic products can be differentiated for requested polymerization temperature (160 °C, 135 °C or 120 °C).

All cataphoretical products are formulated with self-produced resins, this allows great formulative advantages in order to achieve optimal manufacturing characteristics of the item treated with our products.

Tecnocolor is at your complete disposal with its professionals for demonstrations, researches and samplings.