Base and top coatings for high vacuum metallization process

Base and top coatings for high vacuum metalization

In Italy Tecnocolor is leader in the production of Coatings for high vacuum metallization. This typology of coatings suits specifically the need of protecting a wide range of articles.

All these are non-toxic products and can be spray-applied. Our products are all easily usable and characterized not only by needing short baking times but also optimal adhesions and chemical-physical resistances.

A proper metallization process is determined by the possibility to answer to 3 fundamental questions:

1) What type of resistances does the article I want to metallize present? Depending on the necessity, the proper post-metallization coating will be chosen.
2) What type of material do I want to metallize? Depending on the surface I need to treat, the proper pre-metallization coating will be chosen.
3) Are Pre and Post metallization coatings compatible? The choice of the cycle is strictly bound to the compatibility of the two products.

1) Post-Metallization Coatings

Tecnocolor produces various post-metallization coatings that suit all different customersí requirements and needs in terms of chemical and physical resistance of the protection layer, showing optimal resistance to:

- oxidation 
- abrasion 
- alcohol 
- perfumes 
- acetone 
- gasoline/petrol

Tecnocolor is in the position to also supply all the necessary diluents for all the different post-metallization coatings types together with all the protection clearcoats colourings.

2) Pre-Metallization Coatings

Pre-metallization coatings allow the adhesion of the metallized film layer that gets deposited with the high vacuum process. Our base products grant an optimal adhesion even in the most difficult cases, as for example: the PP and nylon. 

Here following a list of materials that can be coated with our base products:

- PS 
- ABS 
- PP 
- Metals
- Glasses
- Urea 
- PC 
- Nylon 
- SAN 
- Aluminium

Tecnocolor is in the position to also supply all the necessary diluents for all the different pre-metallization coatings types.

3) Choice of the Pre and Post Metallization Process

Our post-metallization processed products need specific Tecnocolor Pre-metallization. The high quality characterizations obtained by Tecnocolor cycles are experienced thanks to the many years of study of application experiences in cooperation with our Customers. In regard of compatibility between basecoats and topcoats protections and for all problems concerning products indentation on the materials to be metallized, Tecnocolor suggests not to utilize our products just partially.

Water base and top coatings  for high vacuum metallization process

Tecnocolor is on the cutting edge in the research for water based coating products. All efforts are dedicated to the satisfaction of the marketís needs requiring everyday more and more ecological types of coating.

We utilize products formulated with the most advanced technologies so to meet all the legislative requirements regarding the emissions in the environment and in order to improve all conditions at the workplace.

As the sensibility towards the environmental cause arises many of our customers do ask us to substitute our solvent based products with water based ones.

This attitude has always nourished the outstanding attempt to study this type of necessity inside our Development and Research Laboratories where some coating products in their ecological version have been set-up and developed. 

In certain cases the research has already fully satisfied all marketís requests and all technological and applicative problems have been solved in the best of ways; in some other cases the research is still underway and considered the optimal results and experience achieved it becomes reasonable the soon to be reached solution of all the problems met in the substitution process of Solvent based products with Water based ones.

A very important aspect that needs to be highlighted is that the coating producer does his best so that the substitution of the traditional products with more innovative ones does not create particular problems to the coating process of the user. Nevertheless these users should understand that sometimes innovation requires change.

To this regard it would be important to outline two chemical-physical characteristics of water that interest these ecological products:

- due to evaporation temperature the drying times of these ecological products are longer than those of the solvent based ones; 
- due to the freezing temperature these products do fear lower temperatures.

Water based products in the majority of application typologies do grant the same performances of the solvent based ones.

Tecnocolor has, after numerous years of research, set-up an ecological cycle of basecoats and topcoats protections to be utilized in the high vacuum metallization process.

Our water based pre and post metallization coatings represent a truly unique technological revolution in the sector of the high vacuum metallization processes, in fact the new products need the same exsiccation times as the traditional solvent based products do.

Here following are listed the pre and post metallization products:

- 1 K Pre-metallization coating (on PS, ABS, SAN, PP with primer or with previous ionic flashover); 
- 1 K Post-metallization coating resistant to alchool; 
- 1 K Post-metallization coating resistant to acetone; 
- 1 K primer for PP

While studying these products Tecnocolor has foreseen the possibility to utilize mixed cycles of water-solvent. It is possible to use both solvent and water based pre and post-metallization coating and viceversa.

UV rays curing base and top coats for high vacuum metallization process

For many years Tecnocolor has produced curing UV rays coatings and has set-up the development of these products also for the high vacuum metallization sector.

Among the main characteristics of these coating products are the very short curing times needed to respond to the present industrial productivity requirements and the guarantee to obtain very high chemical-physical performances of the coating film. 

The UV rays curing coatings show optimal adhesion to the supports provided, resistance to the yellowing of supports, superficial hardness and abrasion resistance.
While studying these products Tecnocolor has foreseen the possibility to utilize mixed cycle of traditional and curing UV rays post-metallization coatings.

Tecnocolor is at your full disposal with its professionals for demonstrations, researches and samplings..