Protective clearcoats for brass, silver and alloys (solvent or water base)

Tecnocolor produces this typology of anti-oxidation protective coatings for brass, light alloys and silver, fully satisfying the numerous qualitative requests of the market. 

These Tecnocolor products dedicated to the protection of the above materials have been specifically set-up for high resistance against oxidation specifically for items such as:

- handles;
- sinks;
- zips;
- beds;
- lamps;
- glasses.

These protective products create a film presenting high characterization of:

- hardness;
- transparency;
- gloss/brightness;
- plasticity;
- filling;
- abrasion resistance.

The perfect transparency, the strong grip and the possibility to avoid yellowing make our products optimal also for galvanic treated surfaces. 

Our topcoats resist to:

- alcohol;
- various solvents;
- atmospheric agents;
- sweat.

Solvent based products
(Air or oven with baking from 80 to 160 C, depending on the products):

- nitro based; 
- epoxidic 1 K or 2 K;
- acriylic 1 K or 2 K;
- nitro-combined 2 K. 

Water based products
(Baking at 150 C for 30):

- epoxy-acrylic 1 K

In order to satisfy all manufacturing requirements these products are formulated so to be electrostatic-gun, immersion and centrifuge applied.

Tecnocolor is at you full disposal with its professionals for demonstrations, researches and samplings.