Cementing agents for nails (solvent or water base)

Solvent based: "Cementcoat"

Tecnocolor produces numerous cementing agents for nails that are called “Cementcoat”. These products lubricate the nails while used.
These products are marketed in various colours so to satisfy all customers’ needs and requirements. 

Water based: "Idrocementcoat"

Tecnocolor produces various types of water based cementing agents for nails called “Idrocementcoat”.

The application of this hydro-soluble product becomes more complex than the solvent base version given the longer times needed for the glue to dry. In any case in order to partly solve this problem a hot-air drier can be utilized during the drying phase. 

The product is marketed in a large variety of colours so to satisfy all Customers’ needs and requirements. 

Tecnocolor and its technical professionals are at your full disposal for demonstrations, researches and samplings.