Glass coatings (solvent or water base)


- one component water base paint for flamed glass to cook only at 120 C for 30 minutes compatible with our solvent base concentrated liquid colorants!

Tecnocolor formulates glass coatings making use of its experience in the production of those polymers constituting the base for all glass coatings.

Tecnocolor produces both solvent based coatings and hydro-soluble eco-compatible coatings.

Water based coatings allow to obtain characteristics perfectly comparable to those that can be obtained using solvent based coatings. 

Reference Markets

In particular we coat:

- glass with silk enamels in lighter version having a soft and nice look;
- glass with shades and pearl effects; 
- glass plates; 
- glasses and other house tools and furnishings;
- vases and all shapes of containers.

In general, it can be said that our glass products are all suitable for partial or full coating of the surfaces of all glass house tools or artistic objects. The application field is wide and can be extended from glass plates, glasses, jugs, bottles, jars, lamp coverings, lamps to other artefacts.
Our products for glass find an application even in presence of particular and peculiar colouring requests and requirements considered their high resistance degree and economical production of coloured glass.

Products Properties

These are valuable organic coatings presenting excellent properties:

- optimal glass adherence;
- hard and elastic-resistant surface; 
- high resistance to thermal yellowing; 
- optimal resistance to alkalis and acids; 
- optimal resistance to solvents; 
- optimal dishwasher resistance; 
- optimal light resistance; 
- they do not contain heavy metals. 

Glass Pre-treatments

In order to obtain an optimal adherence and to grant a long lasting coating, the coating itself needs to be applied on a well cleaned surface. The surface that has to be coated does not have to present extraneous substances as grease, sweat and other impurities as wax, stearates and similar substances. 
In the case in which a glass surface presents extraneous substances a specific cleaning preliminary treatment becomes necessary.
Water alkaline surface-active detergents can be used at a temperature between 20 and 80 C. Increased temperature do improve the detergence power. 
Another utilized process is the one foreseeing baking of the surfaces with proper propane burners. We would like to also highlight the hot phosphor-greasing and following washing possibility.
In order to avoid dust deposits it would be opportune, before coating the interested surfaces, to clean all parts with ionized compressed air.

Coating Products for Glass 

Solvent based Coatings

- 2 K Pre-metallization coating; 
- 1 K Post metallization coating; 
- 2 K Post metallization coating; 
- 2 K Epoxy clearcoat (bright, semibright and opaque); 
- 2 K Epoxy enamels (bright, semi-bright and opaque); 
- UV Rays Hardening clearcoat.

These products need, depending on the cases, of a baking at 100/150 C for 30/60 minutes.

Hydro-soluble Coatings

- 1 K Post metallization Coating;
- 1 K Acrylic clearcoat (bright, semi-bright and opaque); 
- 1 K Acrylic enamels (bright, semi-bright and opaque).

These products need, depending on the cases, of a baking at 100/150 C for 30/60 minutes.

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