High performing wash primer (solvent or water base)

Tecnocolor has increased the qualitative standard and chemical-physical characterization of the traditional primers with its innovative mono-components product.

For long the market has demanded products having the characteristics now belonging to our primer and the tests carried out in cooperation with our customers have supplied very positive feed-back.

Reference Markets

Our primer finds perfect use in the following market fields:

- technical instrumentation; 
- valves and sinks industry;
- funeral objects (candles, incense bearers, etc.) 
- doors and windows accessoires (handles, locks, etc.);
- furniture (home decorations, boxes, etc.). 

Primer Properties

- spray or immersion applied; 
- applicable on iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, silver, Zn+Al+Mg 
alloy, other alloys; 
- re-coatable with enamels, clear coats and powders;
-it does not change the colour of the material on which it is applied.

The materials treated with our primer (thickness from 2 to 6 ) and recoated live more than 1500 hours of brine mist.

After application of the primer it becomes necessary to evaporate (80-100 C for 15 ca.) the solvent phase before proceeding with recoating.

Tecnocolor is at your full disposal with its professionals for demonstrations, researches and samplings.