Fastener glues for staples and wire band 

Tecnocolor produces various types of glues and rubbers for metallic staples among which:

 - transparent band glues;
 - coloured band glues;
 - elastomeric firming rubbers;
 - transparent glues for single-wires;
 - transparent softeners.

These products can be used for all types of staples (thickness < 1-1.8 mm). 

Our products are suitable to the glueing of wires that may be galvanized/zinc-plated, copper-plated, bronzed, etc.

Certain products need diluents (10-40 %), that are produced by Tecnocolor as well.

The speed of the production lines applying our products can vary between 2 and 15 metres/minute.

The general characteristics of our glues are the following: 

 - optimal adhesive strenght;
 - extreme flexibility;
 - optimal drying velocity.

Tecnocolor also offers self produced elastometers based on thermoplastic resins to be added to certain specific glues in order to obtain better flexibility.

Tecnocolor and its technical professionals are at your full disposal for demonstrations, researches and samplings.