High solid coatings (also at 100 % of dry residual)

The task of a high solid product is to substitute a traditional solvent based product with a less environmental impacting one, that is to say with a product that contains less volatile organic substances without particular plant changes granting the same qualitative performances. 

The development degree reached by high solid polymers technology has allowed Tecnocolor professionals to devise a large range of mono and double component products having solvent contents even lower than 20 %.

In order to avoid the use of diluents to reach the desired viscosity for the application it is possible to pre-heat the coating.

Utilizing such products it becomes possible to lower any environmental impact of the coating plants without having to face extra costs and expenses. 

Tecnocolor produces the following high solid coatings (all with > 60% dry residual):

- bases and primers 1 K or 2 K; 
- clearcoats and enamels 1 K or 2 K. 

Tecnocolor produces also paints to be applyied by siringe (two components epox coatings for fishing rods and two components epox coatings for jewerly and auto stems, etc.) at 100 % of dry residual.

Tecnocolor is at your full disposal with its professionals for demonstrations, researches and samplings.